randerskommune2Randers Airfield is located in the heart of East Jutland, and is the second largest airfield in the area. Randers Airfield is owned and operated by the Municipality of Randers.

The airfield due to its location is ideal for small and medium sized air transport and taxi flights. It is possible to fly direct from Randers Airfield to destinations both at home and abroad.

Approach Procedure

Use a standard approach procedure from 1700 ft. (MSL) above the airfield. The landing circuit is at 1200 ft (MSL). If Randers Radio is manned information on wind direction, wind speed and the runway in use may be available.

Please avoid overflying the local villages of Mejby and Lem during take-off and landing.

VFR Flight Guide

Click below for more AD information from the Danish CAA (Adobe Reader ® required)


Randers Flying Club

Højsletvej 21

DK-8930 Randers NØ 

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